Canva +700 Premium Customizable Business Templates package, available for just Rs.999/-. With over 700 templates across 40+ niches, our professionally designed templates are sure to drive engagement and boost conversions by 22%. Our easy-to-use drag and drop templates are fully customizable to your niche and can help you create beautiful designs in just minutes. Don’t wait any longer to take advantage of this unbeatable deal.


Introducing our Canva +700 Premium Customizable Business Templates package – the ultimate solution to your social media design needs. With hundreds of professionally designed templates with a sale price of only Rs.999/-

Our designs are guaranteed to drive engagement, boost conversions by 22%, and help you acquire audience attention. You can create beautiful designs in minutes with our drag and drop templates, which are fully customizable to your niche. Our templates include Business Cards, Logos, Social Media Promotional Posts, Motivational Quotes and much more.

What are the benefits of incorporating this bundle ?

  • To Drive Engagements, we provide hundreds of pre-designed, high-quality social media post designs that are guaranteed to attract more likes, comments, and shares. With our ready-made designs, you can enjoy the freedom from spending hours designing social posts yourself.
  • Our designs will help boost your conversions by 22%, get more leads, and acquire audience attention.
  • We are committed to empowering businesses to create engaging social media posts quickly and easily.
  • At smmcola, we help you create engaging content to build stronger relationships with your online audience.
  • Our drag and drop templates enables you to create beautiful designs in minutes – no expensive graphic design team required!
  • With our easy-to-use templates and resources, you’ll be able to quickly craft unique visuals for all your marketing needs.

40 + Niche in one bundle in only 999/-

  1. →   Business Cards and Logos
  2. →   Social Media Promotional Posts
  3. →   Motivational Quotes Included
  4. →   Engaging Questions and Quizzes
  5. →   National & International Events
  6. →   Automobile, Real Estate, Law
  7. →   +47 Niche, Domain and Industry
  8. →   24 Months Social Media Laid Out
  9. →   Motivational Quotes and Facts
  10. →   Engaging Questions to post
  11. →   Start 2022 Fully Prepared
  12. →   Fully customizable to your Niche
  13. →   Easy to edit in Excel Sheets
  14. →   +500 Individual Post Materials
  15. →   Funnel, Venn Diagram,  Gantt Chart
  16. →   Supply Chain, Milestone and Agenda
  17. →   Organisational and Team Charts
  18. →   Operations, Process and RoadMap
  19. →   SWOT Analysis, Waterfall & Statistics
  20. →   Agile, Risk Management and SCRUM
  21. →   +10K Customisable Icons Included
  22. →   And So Much More …


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